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Electromagnetic field, magnetic field, identification of objects, magnetometry.


Changes in the presence, location and shape of even small magnetized and paramagnetic objects can be monitored both in the Earth’s magnetic field as well as in the local magnetic field. The basic condition that has to be met when employing magnetometry for such tasks is the magnetic contrast of single objects against their surroundings. The paper shows the possibility of identifying cyclic and acyclic movements in the area of approximately 6 x 6 x 4 m (standard office space). Triaxial magnetometer with a sensitivity of 2 nT and range 0-250 Hz was used for measurements. The evaluation was carried out in time and frequency area. The objective of the experiment was to monitor interactions between sources of magnetic field in the defined area. The relation between the distance and the induction of selected objects was monitored. The monitored area was not magnetically shielded and therefore the potential influence of other sources outside the monitored space was also observed.


Acta Mechanica Slovaca. Volume 17, Issue 2, Pages 44 – 52, ISSN 1335-2393


  Identification of Objects by Magnetometry


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