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recycling, automotive vehicle, dismantling the end - of - life vehicle.


Automobile recycling is a positive contribution to the reduction of many environmental impacts. In fact efficient utilization of resources by reusing discarded materials or
using them as energy sources lessens the impact on the environment due to the depletion of natural resources and the potential pollution related to disposal to landfill. At
present, approximately 75% to 80% of end-of-life vehicles in terms of weight is being recycled. However, the remaining 20% to 25% in weight, consisting of heterogeneous
mix of materials (rubber, glass, textile, etc.) is still being discarded and disposed of as waste in landfills. In order to most effectively utilize the earth’s resources and reduce
the volume of disposable waste, automobile recycling activities must include efforts to further reduce the volume of this waste and promote its reuse at every stage of life
cycle of vehicles. This paper presents car recycling opportunities at the disposal stage.


Acta Mechanica Slovaca. Volume 16, Issue 2, Pages 78 – 82, ISSN 1335-2393


  End-of-life Vehicle Recycling at the Disposal Stage


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