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Brake discs, pads, Heat flux, Heat transfer coefficient, Von Mises stress, Contact pressure.


The main purpose of this study is to analysis the thermomechanical behavior of the dry contact between the brake disc and pads during the braking phase. The simulation strategy is based on softawe ANSYS11. The modeling of transient temperature in the disk brake is actually used to identify the factor of geometric design of the disk to install the ventilation system in vehicles. The thermal-structural analysis is then used coupling to determine the deformation established and the Von Mises stresses in the disk, the contact pressure distribution in pads. The results are satisfactory compared to those found in the literature.


Acta Mechanica Slovaca. Volume 16, Issue 4, Pages 42 – 49, ISSN 1335-2393


  Fully Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Analysis During Braking Process


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