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Steel Wire Rope, Rope Fatigue, Mathematical Model.


The steel wire rope is stressed during operation by the tensile and bending forces. This loading state has a relevant impact on mechanical characteristics of the rope. A negative influence on the rope properties has a corrosion of the rope wires, especially. The wires are the basic construction components of the rope. It is necessary to know changes of rope mechanical characteristics with regard to a safety and reliability of the rope operation. In a case that the rope properties are not able to fulfil requirements of the safety and reliability, it is unavoidable to put-off such rope. There is presented in this paper a mathematical model describing dependence between prolongation of the rope and the number of loading cycles at various conditions. Such model enables to predict properties of the tested steel wire rope, as well as to estimate the put-off time of the rope.


Acta Mechanica Slovaca. Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 68 – 71, ISSN 1335-2393


  Mathematical Model of Fatigue for Steel Wire Ropes


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