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Raman Spectroscopy, Polymer, Scattering.


Presented paper describes the application of Raman spectrometry in polymer processing technologies. Quick and reliable material identification is becoming and serrious issue in polymer processign technologies . Vibrational spectroscopy was long time used in polymer analysis. Preferred technique was the infrared spectroscopy (IR), but actual progress allows easy application of Raman spectroscopy and its main advantages. Raman spectroscopy detects vibrations that generate a change in the molecule’s polarizability. The Raman effect arises when a photon is incident on a molecule and interacts with the electric dipole of the molecule. It is a form of electronic (more accurately, vibronic) spectroscopy, although the spectrum contains vibrational frequencies. Modern palmsized Raman spectrometers allows simplified infield application. Quick online material identification on site is possible, or more specifical material characteristic is possible offline, when evaluating measured data with specialized software.


Acta Mechanica Slovaca. Volume 15, Issue 4, Pages 68 – 73, ISSN 1335-2393


  Raman Spectroscopy in Polymer Processing Technologies


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