Volume 17, Issue No.4

Volume 17, Issue No.4


Issue Information

Volume: 17

Number: 4

Date of Issue: 15. December 2013



Piotr Kuryło

The Study of Residual Stresses in the Surface Layer

František Šimčák, Michal Kelemen, Ivan Virgala, Ľubica Miková

Optical Line Recognition Sensors for Line Follower

Clare M. Davidson, Annraoi M. dePaor, Madeleine M. Lowery

Control Theory and Deep Brain Stimulation for Relief from Neurological Diseases

Tariq Rahman, Joseph Basante, Michael Alexander

Robotics and Assistive Technology to Improve Function in Neuromuscular Diseases

Teodor Tóth, Radovan Hudák

Computed Tomography – its Development, Principle and Image Artifacts

Kamil Madáč, Andrej Madáč

Orbital Radii and Rotation of Celestial Bodies

Piotr Danielczyk, Jacek Stadnicki

Design of a Carding Machine Modern Main Cylinder

Peter Horbaj, Peter Lukáč

Design and References of the Staged Air High Momentum Burner

František Menda, František Trebuňa, Patrik Šarga

New Method of Residual Stress Evaluation and its Advantages in Comparison with More Common Hole-drilling Method

Daniel Siman, Stanislav Krajňák, Ondrej Biroš, Dušan Šimšík

Simulation of Control in Elderly Household Environment

Potapov V.O., Mykhailov V.M., Mykhailova S.V., Borisova A.O.

Substantiation of a Physical Model of Electromagnetic Field Interaction with a Food Product of an Arbitrary Form

Jozef Mihok

Reducing of the Acquisition Costs for Products

Jozef Mihok, Jaromír Markovič

Theory of Services in MRP and Logistics

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