Volume 18, Issue No.1

Volume 18, Issue No.1


Issue Information

Volume: 18

Number: 1

Date of Issue: 15. march 2014



Michaela Balážiková, Juraj Sinay

Acoustic Analysis as a Part of Risk Management

Peter Ficzere, Lajos Borbas, Adam Torok

Validation of Numerically Simulated Rapid-prototype Model by Photoelastic Coating

Jana Halčinová, Peter Trebuňa, Iveta Janeková

The Comparison of Production Workplace Layouts Using Selected Software Tools

Jozef Kováč, Jaroslava Kádárová

Supporting of the Company Strategy Through ERP System

Peter Lukáč, Peter Horbaj, Jarmila Sedláková

Options to Evaluate The Effects of a Change in the Shape of the Flow Cross-Section of a Ball Valve on Its Flow Control Properties

Dominika Palaščáková, Peter Demeč

Industrial Information Application for the Production Process

Tariq Rahman, Joseph Basante, Michael Alexander

Robotics and Assistive Technology to Improve Function in Neuromuscular Diseases

Władysław Papacz, Janusz Walkowiak, Peter Frankovský

Device for Testing the Fatigue Life of Composite Structural Elements of Vehicles

Ondřej Zavila, Marian Bojko, Milada Kozubková, Pavel Danihelka, Barbora Baudišová, Lenka Maléřová, Mária Čarnogurská

CFD Analysis of the Influence of Meteorological Conditions on Motion of Ammonia

Lubomír Pešík, Antonín Skarolek

Simulations of Starting and Braking of the Chainsaw

Nickolay Pogozhikh, Igor Pavliuk, Andriy Foshchan , Zhanna Vorontsova

Usage of Microscopic Method to Analyze Dispersion of Food Powders

Ireneusz Wróbel

The use of Reverse Rngineering in the Design of New Stamping Dies

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