Volume 18, Issue No.2

Volume 18, Issue No.2


Issue Information

Volume: 18

Number: 2

Date of Issue: 15. june 2014



Mária Čarnogurská, Miroslav Příhoda, Juraj Václav

Comparison of Pressure Losses of Clean and Deposit-covered Heat Exchange Surfaces of a Natural Gas Cooler

Jacek Pacana, Andrzej Pacana, Lucia Bednárová

Strength Calculations of Dual-power Path Gearing with FEM

Marek Sukop, Mikuláš Hajduk, Jozef Varga

Proposal Hardware and Software Modules for Multi-agent System of Robosoccer

Melinda Menyhártné Baracskai

Power Engineering of Brake System of a Heavy Duty Agricultural Motor Vehicle

Martin Šima, Peter Bigoš, Roman Tonhajzer

Methods to Expand the Speed and Load Range of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine

Daniel Rüschen, Berno J.E. Misgeld, Saim Kim, Steffen Leonhardt

A Novel Algorithm for the Calibration of Inertial/Magnetic Sensors: Application to a Body Sensor Network

Lukáš Kamenický, Štefan Markulik, Juraj Sinay

Transformation of Product Characteristics in Terms of an Integrated Management System

Edward Tertel, Piotr Kurylo, Wladyslaw Papacz

The stress state in the three-layer open conical shell during of stability loss

Peter Horbaj, Peter Lukáč, Marián Lázár, Marta Lengyelová

Preparation and Utilization of Biogas Produced from Wastes in Slovakia

Abdelmalek Abdelmalek, Bouazza Mokhtar

Study of the Vibratory Behavior of Composite Plates under the Effect of Different Reinforcement Parameters

Jozef Kuľka, Martin Mantič, Peter Bigoš

New Design Concept of Solutions for Dynamic Protection of Canal Lock

A. Todić, D. Čikara, B. Pejović, T. Todić, V. Mićić, I. Čamagić

Influence of Vanadium Content on the Toughness and Hardness of High-alloyed Cr-Mo Steel

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