Volume 19, Issue No.2


Biomechanical and Thermographic Analysis in the Transtibial Prosthesis Socket – Stump Interface


The study deals with the problem of a biomechanical solution for human locomotion after amputation of a lower limb. With unsuitably designed sockets for transtibial prostheses interaction between the socket and the stump occurs, leading to increased friction and subsequent surface damage to the soft tissue. This damage is manifested in local increases in the temperature of the affected area. With individual types of transtibial prostheses, sites which can be loaded and which cannot be loaded are defined. On the basis of a study of the anterior side of the stump three loadable and two non-loadable areas were monitored using a thermal imaging camera and a pressure sensor. Methods of measuring individual values were proposed for the purpose of sensing temperature and pressure. For sensing the surface temperature of the selected areas on the stump a thermal imaging FLIR SC-660 camera (Wilsonville, Oregon, USA) was used. The working of pressure on the sockets of transtibial prostheses were sensed using a Tactilus pressure sensor from the company Sensor Products Inc. (Madison, New Jersey, USA). In the submitted work 11 stumps were non-invasively monitored without interrupting the integrity of the skin. On the basis of the proposed method of assessing the distribution of temperature it was determined that in the case of a suitably made prosthesis no significant change of temperature occurs in any of the monitored areas. The results obtained by the temperature and pressure measurement were statistically processed.


Acta Mechanica Slovaca. Volume 19, Issue 2, Pages 18–26, ISSN 1335-2393


  Biomechanical and Thermographic Analysis in the Transtibial ...


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