Volume 19, Issue No.3

Volume 19, Issue No.3


Issue Information

Volume: 19

Number: 3

Date of Issue: 15. September 2015



Mirka Miller, Andrea Semaničová-Feňovčíková
A Construction of H-antimagic Graphs

Róbert Huňady, Martin Hagara
Experimental Investigation of Mode Shapes of Symmetric Structures

Marek Velička, René Pyszko, Jiří Burda, Miroslav Příhoda
Research on Intensity of Cooling Continuously Cast Steel by Water Nozzles

Jozef Beňo, Peter Ižol, Miroslav Tomáš, Ján Varga
A Fragmentation Based Approach to the Free Form Surface Milling

Yulia Zubkova, Yury Turygin
Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Error for Manipulator Output Link During Its Motion Path Tryout

Edward Tertel, Piotr Kuryło, Władysław Papacz
The Stress State in the Three-layer Open Conical Shell During Stability Loss

Lucia Gálisová
Magnetocaloric Effect in the Symmetric Spin-1/2 Diamond Chain with Different Landé g - factors of the Ising and Heisenberg Spins

Nishant Kumar Singh, K. K. Singh
Review on Recent Development in Environmental-friendly EDM Techniques

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