Volume 20, Issue No.1

Volume 20, Issue No.1


Issue Information

Volume: 20

Number: 1

Date of Issue: 15. March 2016



Greškovič František, Dulebová Ľudmila

The Effect of Radiation on Mechanical Properties of Parts Made of Polymer Composites

Vrábeľ Marek, Eckstein Martin

Hole Making of Inconel 718 Aerospace Alloy

Evin Emil, Tomáš Miroslav, Výrostek Marek

Verification the Numerical Simulation of the Strip Drawing Test by its Physical Model

Spišák Emil, Čižmár Marek, Majerníková Janka

Influence of Technological Parameters of Production on Properties of Tinplate TH 550, CA

Shimanovsky Alexandr, Kuziomkin Dzianis, Lopukh Dzmitry, Kovalenko Alexander

Simulation of Spur Gear for their Nonparallel Axes

Babič Matej

New Hybrid System using in Modelling Process of Hardening with Intelligent System

Jachowicz Tomasz, Moravskyi Volodymyr

Numerical Modeling of Cooling Conditions of Thermoplastic Injection-molded Parts

Krasinskyi Volodymyr, Suberlyak Oleg, Klym Yurii

Operational Properties of Nanocomposites based on Polycaproamide and Modified Montmorillonite

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