Volume 20, Issue No.2

Volume 20, Issue No.2


Issue Information

Volume: 20

Number: 2

Date of Issue: 15. June 2016



Ivanov Vitalii, Dehtiarov Ivan, Pavlenko Ivan

Mathematical Model of the Fixture Flexibility Impact on Machining Accuracy of Levers

Medvecká-Beňová Silvia

Meshing Condition and Kinematic Properties of Non-circular Gear

Czech Piotr, Szyma Błażej, Juzek Michał, Kałuża Robert

Braking Process of Sports Motorbike

Šiser Marek, Slota Ján

Material Model of AW 5754 H11 Al Alloy for Numerical Simulation of Deep Drawing Process

Sentić Mislav, Lazić Ladislav

Comparison of the Performances of Absorption Refrigeration Cycles with Weak and Strong Ammonia-Water Solution

Lázár Marián, Čarnogurská Mária, Lázárová Marta, Kubík Michal, Václav Juraj

Analysis of Possibilities for Energy Recovery of Gaseous Products from the Gasifying Technologies

Hermansky Dominik, Marek Jiří

Steel-concrete Composite Material in CNC Machine Tool Structures

Stejskal Tomáš, Svetlík Jozef, Demeč Peter, Šidlovská Ľuboslava

Modeling of Transient Nonlinear Phenomena using a Modified Logistic Equation

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