The development of the automotive industry in the future will be associated with significant waves of innovations. Priority are strategic innovations based on strong differentiation of cars for traditional as well as for the newly growing markets and on applications of new materials and electronic components in automobile design, together with changes in the technology and organization of production. Many expert studies were dealing with the vision of future cars. There is a consensus on the ideal car of the future with the following features:

It would be hard looking for some sectors of human activity, which would not linked to the production technique. Production Machines and Equipment involved in the formation of practically every product. Start a new millennium confirmed predictions of experts concerning the need customization of production techniques and finding new - innovative solutions to meet the diverse requirements of the customers - users of production machines and equipment. From these facts follow these major development trends in construction of production machines and equipment:

There is evident today a permanent and uninterrupted worldwide trend to improve the quality of products. This fact influences the position of metrology in the industrial production, whereas importance of the metrology is rising continuously. Exchange of information in the framework of production technologies is being more and more important in order to ensure the specified quality of products. Just the information concerning quality of the final products as well as information about the production processes are obtained thanks to the metrology. Generally, it is possible to say that a development of the metrology involves always extension of information range about the product or it means reduction of costs per an information unit, which is obtained from the measurement.

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